Musically capable, intelligent. Positively influential due to his ability to mix and mingle with crowds that differ by age and ethnicity. With an ear for detail and the ability to deliver musical indulgence, DJ Ferno is able to conquer the emotional connections people have with music by simply being great at what he does. Born in Philadelphia, PA, home to some of the worlds most renowned DJ’s, DJ Ferno started at the age of 16. Influenced by Philadelphia’s late DJ AM, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Touch Tone and DJ Excel, DJ Ferno took off by first starting to spin at events, neighborhood parties and more.  


Years later and still continuing to perfect his craft, DJ Ferno is also known for his pivotal role in the travelogue series Vinyl Destination where he travels alongside DJ Jazzy Jeff. In 2008 they met for the first time and seeing the immense talent and strife within DJ Ferno, Jazzy Jeff invited him to work beside him and his team in 2013 while introducing him to new experiences and opportunities. 


Spending upwards of 200 days on the road with the Vinyl Destination crew, DJ Ferno has performed in places such as London for Doctors OrdersDubai Barasti Beach in front of 12,000+ people, Las Vegas, Germany, Shipsomnia cruise ship festival sailing from Singapore to Phuket, Thailand just to name a few. In October 2015 he released a mix for DJ City, which was one of their most well received mixes of the year. 


Going back to how it all began, at the age of 14 DJ Ferno became a co-host for the “YoungBul” show at 103.9 FM a clear channel radio station in Philadelphia. With his confidence, talent and magnetism, DJ Ferno became a host with local TV show Urban X-Pressions in 2001. There he would be a vital source by bringing in 800 teens every Friday for the Young Adult Party (Club UX) allowing the show to become exciting and worth watching. In 2011 DJ Ferno began to focus on working with Philadelphia MC Dayne Jordan. In 2012 they toured with Lupe Fiasco and opened for artists Black Milk, Tinie Tempah, Flo Rida, Ratatat, just to name a few, for crowds up to 10,000+ people. 

Now he maintains serenity through all his hard work by making deejaying and producing his number one priority. Enlightened by years of practice and personal musical fulfillment, DJ Ferno manages his time by deejaying around the world and touring with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Vinyl Destination crew. With every set he is marking his territory with a precise yet recognizable style that promotes his prestige, growth and gift within the world of music and art.


Photographer: Cristoper Schafer